"Ahab and Jezebel: A Match Made in Hell is a gripping reinterpretation of a timeless and complex story."—K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

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Ahab sits on the throne but lacks the heart and stomach of a king. Jezebel exhibits kingly qualities galore but has no throne.

Most Israelites follow Ahab in submitting to his wife’s gods. But a tenacious remnant led by the prophet Elijah seeks to restore the supremacy of the Hebrew God. And that means toppling Jezebel along with her gods.

Although dynastic diplomacy forced Jezebel to marry Ahab, she has made do all these years… tirelessly working to remake Israel in her image. No one will oust her without a fight!

But then Ahab becomes infatuated with his latest concubine. She not only worships the Hebrew God but also witnessed her family being slaughtered by Jezebel’s goons. Is she really a devoted companion and sweeter than any man deserves? Or is she a Hebrew Anne Boleyn scheming to get Ahab to swap out his religion and his wife?

Suddenly Jezebel is seized with fears of having her life’s work undone, her faith outlawed… even being driven out of her own home by the other woman—just like what happened to her mother.

So what is Jezebel going to do? Win! No matter what it takes!

Full of intrigue, betrayal, and suspense—get your copy of Ahab and Jezebel: A Match Made in Hell today!

Joseph Bringman is a scholar of ancient civilizations and, with the publication of Ahab and Jezebel: A Match Made in Hell, is making his debut as a novelist.